You can turn boring text elements into fun and exciting graphics using photographs of letters, digits and punctuation marks from Flickr. You can you generate your own FlickrFont text as a once-off, or you can cut and paste some code into your pages to convert any text to images, fresh each time the page loads! Perfect for spicing up headings and instant ransom notes.

Warning: This is not recommended from a usability, design, engineering or aesthetic point of view. In fact, it is so gimmicky with such garish results that I refuse to use it myself. Please think hard before inflicting this on your readers.


Text:Text can be any length and contain letters, digits, spaces and some punctuation.
Letter Tag:This is the Flickr pool to draw the letters from.
Digit Tag:This is the Flickr pool to draw the digits from.
Punctuation Tag:This is the Flickr pool to draw punctuation from.
Height:Height of the image tiles in pixels.
Width:Width of the image tiles in pixels.
Style:Please put any image styling instructions here, such as borders, margins, colours etc.



Cut and paste this code into your page for static FlickrFont. That means your text will always use these letters. Don't like these ones? Click "set" to roll the dice again.

Cut and paste this code into your page header for Dynamic FlickFont. That means that any elements with a class "FlickrFont" will get turned into images. Also, you can use FlickrFont as a function call. (See examples below.)

Using Dynamic FlickrFont

Examples using the element class name. You can do this to as many elements as you please.

The HTML for the image tiles of "MyString!" will be put in the myvar variable. Note that this is an asynchronous call, so you will have to write code to wait on the variable being ready.

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