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I am pleased to say that my first academic paper has gone through the rigorous double-blind review process and has been accepted for a conference!

The conference is the 2004 IFIP International Conference on Decision Support Systems with the conference theme Decision Supoort in an Uncertain World. It is held this year in Prato, Italy, an hour from Florence. I am excited to be invited to present my work a stone's throw from the birth of the Renaissance!

I've also been accepted to participate in the conference's doctoral consortium, where I will get to workshop my research project and network with academic luminaries from my field. This will happen from June 30 to July 4, which means I get to avoid another dreary Melbourne winter.

The paper can be found on my research documents page under dss2004. The abstract is provided below.

An Information-Theoretic Model of Customer Information Quality

Gregory Hill

School of Business Systems, Monash University
Melbourne, Australia


The definition of measures of Information Quality (IQ) is an important part of Information Systems research and practice. A model is presented for organisational processes that classify a large number of customers into a relatively small number of partitions (or segments) using attributes in a database. The model is built upon concepts from the IQ literature, but uses Information Theory to define appropriate measures. These measures allow business analysts to assess different aspects of the processes, with a view to understanding the impact of IQ upon business performance. Based upon this understanding and the organisational context, IQ treatment proposals may be constructed, refined and evaluated. In addition to specifying the model and measures, an illustrative example is presented.


Information Quality Assessment, Information Value, Information Theory, Customer Relationship Management