Interactive Information Quality Tool

For the exploration of IQ concepts, dimensions and attributes.

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Principal Source: Wang, R., Kon, H. & Madnick, S. (1993), Data Quality Requirements Analysis and Modelling, Ninth International Conference of Data Engineering, Vienna, Austria.

Ability to Download Ability to Identify Errors Ability to Upload Acceptability Access by Competition Accessibility Accuracy Adaptability Adequate Detail Adequate Volume Aestheticism Age Aggregatability Alterability Amount of Data Auditable Authority Availability Believability Breadth of Data Brevity Certified Data Clarity Clarity of Origin Clear Data Responsibility Compactness Compatibility Competitive Edge Completeness Comprehensiveness Compressibility Concise Conciseness Confidentiality Conformity Consistency Content Context Continuity Convenience Correctness Corruption Cost Cost of Accuracy Cost of Collection Creativity Critical Current Customisability Data Hierarchy Data Improves Efficiency Data Overload Definability Dependability Depth of Data Detail Detailed Source Dispersed Distinguishable Updated Files Dynamic Ease of Access Ease of Comparison Ease of Correlation Ease of Data Exchange Ease of Maintenance Ease of Retrieval Ease of Understanding Ease of Update Ease of Use Easy to Change Easy to Question Efficiency Endurance Enlightening Ergonomic Error-Free Expandability Expense Extendibility Extensibility Extent Finalisation Flawlessness Flexibility Form of Presentation Format Format Integrity Friendliness Generality Habit Historical Compatibility Importance Inconsistencies Integration Integrity Interactive Interesting Level of Abstraction Level of Standardisation Localised Logically Connected Manageability Manipulable Measurable Medium Meets Requirements Minimality Modularity Narrowly Defined No lost information Normality Novelty Objectivity Optimality Orderliness Origin Parsimony Partitionability Past Experience Pedigree Personalized Pertinent Portability Preciseness Precision Proprietary Nature Purpose Quantity Rationality Redundancy Regularity of Format Relevance Reliability Repetitive Reproducibility Reputation Resolution of Graphics Responsibility Retrievability Revealing Reviewability Rigidity Robustness Scope of Info Secrecy Security Self-Correcting Semantic Interpretation Semantics Size Source Specificity Speed Stability Storage Synchronisation Time-independence Timeliness Traceable Translatable Transportability Unambiguity Unbiased Understandable Uniqueness Unorganized Up-to-Date Usable Usefulness User Friendly Valid Value Variability Variety Verifiable Volatility Well-Documented Well-Presented